Nature is my friend, it speaks to me.

It speaks to me in the volume of words that the mouth cannot articulate, but resonates will the language of my heart.

Nature is my friend, sometimes I gain an audience with its smiling baby, the sun.

The sun told me of her tales, how she wakes up so early to shine beautifully on mankind.

She reminded me of how she is only appreciated on the days she decides not to shine.

Then I thought of you,
How much I get to miss you when you keep your distance like you are doing now…

I know I am not legendary in using my words as you fondle with the pen.

I hope I was able to show the beauty in my writing,

This is my subtle way of saying I miss you.



Hi, awesomeness.

It is beautiful to know that despite the thousands of years that the earth have existed.

You and I happens to be in thesame century.

It is also beautiful to know that the echo of your voice brings sweetness to my hear anytime i catch a glimpse of you.

your gentleness speaks volume of words that inspires Love.

I heard a rumour that you melt the rock in the heart of a stubborn soul.

Even if you decide to be in the dark.

I hope my words brightens your day.



When I was a baby I was always scared of falling.

When I became. a toddler, I was scared of dark.

Later in teenage years I got scared of the wild.

Now I am older , I feel stronger and wiser.

But sometimes I get scared of loosing you




I thought adventure is the spark of the soul.

In all my journey, I am reminded of otherwise.

For the beautiful mountains remind me of you.

While I glide through the pool of water I couldn’t drown because they are not as deep as your affection for me.

When I was flying in the sky. I saw your name on the cloud. You are famous in the heavens.

I thought adventure is the spark of the soul.

You are the spark.



Waking up today before the dawn.

I could feel and touch the silence of the earth. The silence so loud.

I could hear the whisper of nature.

I heard how the moon whisper to the sun that her night shift will soon be over.

I could smell the scent of Petrichors waiting for the next rain. I heard so many things

The echoing ochestra of singing birds Filled the atmosphere. my body jiggled to sound of their voices .

How beautiful is nature. It beyond explanations.

Yet all these experiences is not as splendid and remarkable as a moment with you.

I didn’t need to hear you sing. My soul have danced to the rhythm of your thoughts.



I am blessed at the dawn of today, because our path crossed, our star crossed, our soul ignites.

our minds speaks volume of affections yet expressed.

our bodies gravitates toward each other with pure intentions.

I thought it was magnetic, No.

We share one soul in different bodies. I wake up every up morning, basking and energetic knowing i will hear the voice of my love again.

I love you with every fibre of my being.



I consider nature beautiful.

But I consider you the beauty in nature..

I could say it’s a good day.

The thought of you is what makes the day good..

I am eager for tomorrow because I know your beauty is what makes the future pleasant

Now I can say… You did not just change my life in a day , you change my days for life.